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welcome to jds communications, ochisma's Charisma & jazz roots rhythms

JDS' Ochisma's Charisma and Jazz Roots Rhythms offer all things collectible and vintage...authentic and enjoyable.

JDS welcomes you to Ochisma's Charisma a world of charming vintage and collectible finds, to one-of-a-kind things vintage and marvelous. And, we invite you to visit Jazz Roots Rhythms, where you'll find some the finest classic jazz in the universe. In particular, you'll find rare, classic vintage vinyl albums.

You can find out more about Ochisma's Charisma here, and visit Jazz Roots Rhythms here.

Jazz Roots Rhythms has been celebrating classic jazz, vintage jazz, since 1995. More important, it has been celebrating jazz, but it is dedicated to celebrating celebrating jazz culture. Find out more here.

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our blog

Vintage Is...

Perhaps featuring collectibles such as art, fashion and jazz albums together doesn't seem complementary, but it really is. Read more

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