About the JDS Community

This is Who We Are and What We Do

We're JDS Communications, a San Francisco Bay Area company, has been providing information research and career services since 1993. We are about providing services that equip students and job seekers with resources that help them explore their unique talents and offer ways for their to realize their objectives- their career goals.

Ultimately JDS is not just a business, it's a community that has a physical and virtual life. It includes job seekers and students who are working hard to build better lives for themselves and their children. The members are students who are working and attending school full time. The JDS community is youth turning their lives around and succeeding in Re-Entry Programs. Its the proud graduate from a Job Corps Program. It's the young girls who are learning to code and its the middle school students who are taking part in their first Hackathon.

Diversity in education and career development has been a particular focus of what JDS is about. Working with education institutions and community organizations -- from teaching in classrooms, to career counseling, to working as development professionals writing grants and proposals -- we know first hand how important it is to provide guidance and leadership to individuals who are preparing for their careers, their livelihoods.

Career research assignments for science, biology, biotechnology, and microbiology clients who were conducting work on such life-threatening diseases as cancer, at Cambridge and other universities, were catalysts in the establishment of BioCareersource in 1995. And, in the early years of the biotechnology revolution in the San Francisco Bay Area, JDS launched a series of biotechnology job guides which are still being published.

Today, through STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and career training, biotechnology and other allied industries, education institutions and community organizations are actively working to prepare students for the 21st workforce.

JDS Communications is focusing on career education and training, including apprenticeships, certificate programs, especially job-readiness programs offered by Community Colleges, and STEM education. BioCareersource's empasis is primarily on biotechnology and related areas, including STEM, for students entering college are presently enrolled in college, are entering or are reentering the job market.

JDS Communications and BioCareersource are looking forward to continuing to work to provide services and resources to assist students and other job seekers reach their potential and realize their career goals.

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