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Perhaps featuring collectibles such as art, fashion and jazz albums together doesn't seem complementary, but it really is. Vintage items, a painting for example, or a classic essential jazz Louis Armstrong album are both vintage collectibles, as are jazz art and paintings. Many jazz posters such as those from the Monterey, Montreux, and New Orleans Heritage Jazz Festivals are highly sought after and often fetch very hefty sums. And, jazz has inspired clothing fashion design for a very long time. Fashions from the early jazz era are highly sought after.

From Steiff stuffed bears to vintage Disney to Snoopy, plush stuffed toys can be very pricey. Other items become collectibles not because of their age, but also by their popularity. Beanie babies, Mario, Barbie toys, fashions by famous designers are also often very much sought after.

Vintage and collectibles include items that run the gamut, and have come to have a lingo of their own that includes such terms as upcycling, shabby chic, boho (bohemian chic), hippie, ecothrift, thrift shop, estate and yard sale finds. These shoppers are in a class of their own. They can get an adrenaline rush when they head out to a yard or estate sale or thrift shop. And these savvy shoppers are often ecstatic when they find one-of-a-kind treasures that make their day. Vintage jazz collectors are also among these shoppers and can found going through boxes and crates of vinyl records looking for that special classic gem.

But more important, vintage collectors often purchase collectibles because they are fond of them, they have special meaning to them. Perhaps they bring back special memories, childhood memories of a toy they owned, or a special style of dress. Whatever the reason, It's all marvelously wonderful.

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