Ochisma's Charisma Launches New Online Vintage and Collectibles Store

(San Francisco, December 2, 2020) Today Ochisma's Charisma announced the launch of its new online store that offers a diversity of items for shoppers like Ochisma a thrifty shopper, an Ochismanista, who is an expert at discovering gently used pre-owned treasures for themselves, their grandchildren, nieces, other family members and friends.

Ochisma, the store's namesake, is not a stranger to many of us. She is a mother, grandmother, auntie or friend who is an Ochismanista at heart. She's someone who values style, quality and elegance -- well designed, well constructed items that stand the test of time. Ochisma is very concerned about saving, about stretching a dollar. And,since she believes in waste not, want not, she is concerned about sustainability and the environment -- about efforts to recycle, reuse, repair and share.

Ochisma's Charisma always has Ochismanistas in mind when it scouts estate sales, thrift shops, garage sales, yard sales and flea markets in search of one-of-a-kind and hard to find items to offer customers at prices that won't break the bank.

Ochismanistas make up a diverse group of customers, and Ochisma's Charisma makes efforts to reflect this in the items we offer. The store strives to offer quality items that represent the cultural and ethnic make up of the country with items that include an Aztec Flores handbag from Mexico, a Japanese Geisha motif tea set, vintage African American and Asian cloth dolls, and an eclectic European shelf-sitting rabbit. Its collections include vintage toys that include Disney, Peanuts Snoopy, Ty, and other plush toy brands. Ochisma offers seasonal and hard to find sizes of fashion designs, home decor and dining items.

About Ochisma's Charisma

Ochisma was founded to offer customers diverse, affordable, one-of-a-kind quality vintage and collectible discoveries. Ochisma is dedicated to working to protect the environment and the planet by making efforts to sustainably recycle, upcycle and preserve natural resources.

Ochisma's Charisma is part of JDS Communications, which has had an internet presence since 1993.

Contact Information
Gabriella Dawn